April 2, 2021

With 5x1000 donating is free!

Make an act of great responsibility and total gratuity: when you fill out your tax return choose to support the Vittorio Calamani Philharmonic Orchestra Association with your 5x1000.

Choosing an Orchestra means many things.

It means strengthening a project-built day by day by dozens of young people who, with passion and dedication, want to spread music and culture in our country.

It means protecting and enhancing a cultural, artistic and musical heritage to be shared and passed on to present and future generations, so that it remains alive and for everyone.

It means being able to give an opportunity to many musicians who with their talent and professionalism have given unforgettable moments to many people and to give them the opportunity to continue working for what they have studied.

Together it is possible to grow both as musicians and as musical users.

By law, the 5x1000 of the IRPEF flow can be dedicated to association that perform non-profit activities.

Remember that if you do not indicate the destination others will choose for you!