Biography and history of Philarmonic Orchestra Vittorio Calamani

Born in 2019 and resident at the Teatro Mancinelli in Orvieto (TR), it collaborated with numerous Italian and foreign seasons and festivals like Ravenna Musica for the Teatro Alighieri in Ravenna, EmiliaRomagna Festival, Accademia Musicale Chigiana, Est Ovest Festival in Turin, Antecedente Stagione concertistica, Orvieto Festival della Piana del Cavaliere, Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburgh, Ilija Kolarac Theatre in Belgrade. It has been under the direction of nationally and internationally acclaimed directors who guided it in a large variety of repertoires, from baroque to classical, modern to contemporary, such as Tito Ceccherini, Hossein Pishakar, Pasquale Corrado and Diego Ceretta. The orchestra performed with soloists and performers like Giuseppe Gibboni, Carolin Widmann, Maurizio Baglini, Anssi Karttunen, Massimo Mercelli, Guido Barbieri, and Michele Marco Rossi. Salvatore Sciarrino and Alessandro Solbiati wrote for the orchestra along with young and promising composers such as Daria Scia, Michele Sarti, Beste Özçelebi and Livia Malossi Bottignole. The orchestra was founded with the intention to bring together the best Italian talents in a group that places artistic quality as the foundation of its activities. The orchestra was founded with the intention of bringing together the best Italian talents in a group that makes artistic quality the keystone of its activities. The activity of the Vittorio Calamani Philharmonic Orchestra, even if it is made up of young talents, does not classify itself among youth orchestras but as a professional orchestra. It wants to qualify itself as a promoter of a positive contribution to the regional and italian cultural heritage and to promote the social and cultural growth that the country needs. The project wants to support a more inclusive use of cultural and musical heritage, creating numerous opportunities and productions. Great attention is paid to today's composers, an instrument of comparison with modernity and with the past. The residency at the Teatro Mancinelli is important not only for the Umbrian city but also for the whole region, which still has no established symphony orchestra. 

The Vittorio Calamani Philharmonic Orchestra had its debut on 14th August 2019, under the guidance of the young and talented Iranian conductor Maestro Hossein, performed a wonderful symphonic concert in Piazza XX Settembre in Configni. This event, which saw performances of Sinfonia 89 of Haydn and the Sinfonia 4 by Schumann, represented by the end of the third edition of the Festival Piana del Cavaliere and the beginning of the musical and artistic activity of the OFVC, drawing a record number of more than 400 people, with public and critical acclaim. The orchestra was born off the back of the success of the Associazione Festival della Piana del Cavalier, and during its third year the focus of an orchestral project.


The Under 35 Philharmonic Orchestra was formed through regular auditions held in May 2019 and is composed of professional musicians.


The purpose of the orchestra, like that of the festival, is to return to investing in culture and music. The OFVC, although it is formed by young talents, does not rank among the youth orchestras but rather as a fully-fledged Philharmonic. Orchestra wants to qualify as the bearer of a positive contribution to the regional and Italian cultural heritage. Among the goals there is certainly that of giving the opportunity to professional musicians to improve in the orchestral field and at the same time to achieve in the working field.

The orchestra came to life thanks to its founder, Mr. Stefano Calamani who first, together with his company AISICO and the artistic director Anna Leonardi, believed strongly in this project.



Oboist and English horn of the Orchestra Luigi Cherubini conducted by Maestro Riccardo Muti, she has completed musical studies at the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “G. Briccialdi” in Terni with Maestro Andrea Mio. Successfully achieved a Masters in Music Performance at The University of Italian Switzerland with highest marks and praise.

She has studied Orchestra Conducting in 2012 under the guidance of Master Ennio Nicotra and, from 2011 to 2013, she was an assistant to the conductor of the FAO Staff Coop Orchestra, of which she also followed the artistic direction. In 2013 she held the title of First Oboe and English Horn at the Experimental Opera Theatre of Spoleto and collaborated with numerous orchestras across Italy  (Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Orchestra La Verdi di Milano, Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese, Orchestra del Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza).

Since 2017 she has been the artistic director of the Festival della Piana del Cavaliere and, since 2019, of the Vittorio Calamani Philharmonic Orchestra.


A classical arts graduate from Rome and then specializing in Archaeological Heritage at the University of Milan, her activities continued with university research, archaeological excavations, guided tours and teaching humanities. Later, after a Master’s degree at the University of Tor Vergata in Musealization of Archaeological Heritage, she directed her work on the organization of cultural events. Over the years she has gathered significant experience working for the prestigious Grinzane Cavour Literary Award in Turin, with tasks related to project planning and communication. Playing a similar role at the Ducci Fondation as Head of the Art Sector, taking care of the exhibition and organization of the exhibitions of the same Foundation. Since 2017 she’s been responsible for the co-ordination of the Festival della Piana del Cavaliere, taking care of the exhibition dedicated every year to the winner of the Festival Manifesto. Since 2019 she’s been responsible for the co-ordination of the Vittorio Calamani Philharmonic Orchestra Association and since 2021 she's Press Office Manager.

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