Orchestra Filarmonica Vittorio Calamani Association

The Orchestra Filarmonica Vittorio Calamani Association is non-profit and carries out activities of social utility through the organization and management of cultural and artistic activities, including publishing activities for the promotion and dissemination of culture. The aim of the Association is to promote culture and art, and in particular the musical section linked to the "Orchestra Filarmonica Vittorio Calamani". The Association organises and promotes concerts for artistic events. 



It carries out and manages training courses and masterclasses related to artistic and musical culture, without chronological and geographical limits, as the essential aim is to train young scholars, providing them with appropriate working environments and tools and promoting any initiative that is useful for the progress and improvement of the person at work.

The Association is also committed to establishing scholarships and contributions for all students and artists who apply commitment, involvement and constancy, in ther work.

The Association, from 2021, started a close collaboration with the Municipality of Orvieto.

The Orchestra is resident at the Mancinelli Theater in Orvieto.

Part of the activities related to the Orchestra, furthermore, takes place at Palazzo Negroni, located in the historic center of the Umbrian city and formerly the headquarters of the "Centro Studi Città di Orvieto".

An important and significant agreement, which will certainly contribute to the artistic growth of all the projects of the Association.




Together we can grow!


Since 2017 Anna has been the artistic director of the Festival della Piana del Cavaliere and since 2019 of the Vittorio Calamani Philharmonic Orchestra.

Anna Leonardi

Artistic Director
Scarica il C.V.
Since 2017 she’s been responsible for the co-ordination of the Festival della Piana del Cavaliere, taking care of the exhibition dedicated every year to the winner of the Festival Manifesto. Since 2019 she’s been responsible for the co-ordination of the Association of Vittorio Calamani Philharmonic Orchestra and since 2021 she's the Press Office Manager-

Marta Balzar

Press Office Manager
Scarica il C.V.